Melting of remote NASA camera during Falcon-9 take off


A camera sent to space along with the rocket Falcon 9 of SpaceX which was launched in May, was burnt and melted in a fire which was sparked by the missile. However, the camera was able to able take a picture of the liftoff of the Falcon 9 rocket. This shocked the NASA photographer named Bill Ingalls.  

One of the remote cameras was said to be toasty from the fire as stated by Bill Ingalls. It was supposed to be a Canon DSLR which was placed from the pad of the Falcon 9. It was set at about 1320 feet or to be approx 402 meters away from the pad of the rocket. The pad is known as the Space Launch Complex 4E which is located at the Vandenberg Air Force Base which is located in California. This camera was one of the six cameras which were installed on the pad. The brush fire which was triggered by