Facebook bounty program targets misuse of data by app developers

In a move that will likely bring to the fore many issues with data misuse on the popular social networking platform – Facebook – the company has launched a “data abuse” bounty program to reward people who report misuse of data by app developers.

The announcement comes ahead of two days of congressional hearings starting on Tuesday, where Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg will be asked how up to 87 million Facebook users’ data was improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

The bug bounty program will reward people with first-hand knowledge and evidence of a Facebook platform app collecting and transferring user data to another party to be sold, stolen or used for scams or political influence.

The launch of the bounty program also comes a couple of days after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ruled out any possibility of him resigning from his post at Facebook. As an aftermath of the data misuse by Cambridge Analytica, many have been speculating on the possibility of Zuckerberg putting down his papers because protecting user data is of paramount importance and could be seen as a moral responsibility as well considering how much data is shared on Facebook.