2018’s Beginners Guide to Cutting-Edge Services of Charter Spectrum in Telecommunication Market – Key Features and Packages 

Charter Spectrum provides the best digital services in more than forty states of the United States. In 2018, it offers fantastic deals for services of Cable TV, Internet, and digital phone facilities. With Spectrum, users can avail amazing experience of HD channels, super-fast and efficient Internet, and dialing service all over the world at affordable prices. Here are the incredible digital facilities that you must try in 2018 and access the fantastic blend of entertainment and functionality with Spectrum services.  

Charter Spectrum TV- Enjoy Premium Networks in HD 

Charter Spectrum TV delivers the best experience of entertainment in over 200 channels in HD including free DVR service. If you have some urgent work and do not want to miss your favorite TV program, then you can pause or record the content through Spectrum DVR facility so that you can watch it later. Or if you have missed your favorite TV show and forgot to log it, do not worry because with “Free Primetime on Demand” you can now enjoy it anytime and without any worry. Spectrum on-demand choices gives access to thousands of movies and TV shows in 3D including the primetime programs. With Spectrum TV app, you can watch more than 60 live streaming channels of sports, news, and shows on your Smartphone or tablet on the go. 

Spectrum Internet- Unrestricted Browsing with Thrilling-fast Speed

Spectrum Internet offers the fastest and reliable internet speed of more than 100 Mbps for downloading, uploading, and net browsing. Users can enjoy unlimited movies, songs, and online gaming with the thrilling-fast internet speed. The internet service provides enough bandwidth to be used as much as the user requires on the devices without losing the performance thus keep all the members of the family connected. With in-home Wi-Fi connectivity, you can get sufficient internet speed and range to download or upload your favorite content on all the connected devices. Moreover, with internet surfing there always come constant threats from hacker’s mafia; however, Spectrum offers secure internet browsing for its users. Now, consumers can enjoy internet browsing without fear through “Security Suite” that provides the best defense against online dangers like viruses, malware, and malicious contents. 

Spectrum Phone- Unlimited calling with amazing features

Imagine the time when you miss your family and friends and want to have a quick chat with them? Charter Spectrum offers the best voice facility which allows staying connected with your loved ones across the globe. Users can enjoy unlimited local and nationwide calling along with free 411 directory assistance call. It provides almost 28 amazing calling features on household phone without hidden charges such as Voicemail, Caller ID, Speed Dial, Trace Calls, Backup Phone, VIP Ringing and many more. It also offers enhanced 911 calling feature services in case of emergency. With preinstalled battery, it provides almost 8 hours of standby and 5 hours of talk time during power load-shedding.

 Triple Play Packages- Catch up the Bundles without any Contract

If you desire to enjoy cable TV, internet and phone at cheap rates then you can easily bundle up the three services in one package, the package tiers by Spectrum are triple play select, silver, and gold. With the package deals, you get the best mixture of entertainment via cable TV, Internet, and Voice services. When I moved to Arizona, I bundled up my cable internet with TV service in triple play packages by Charter Spectrum. Enjoy over 200 channels in HD including the famous and premium networks like HBO, ESPN, STARZ ENCORE, NFL RedZone, NFL NETWORK, STARZ ENCORE, TMC, and a lot more. Get the super-fast internet speed without any limitation on data usage means you can enjoy unlimited downloading or uploading speed without any data-checkpoints. With voice service, enjoy unlimited local and distant dialing across the US, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Guam and many more. Spectrum allows users to experience these extraordinary digital services without signing up for contract.  It means that you can end up the contract anytime and anywhere you want without paying early termination charges. Interestingly, Spectrum can also pay the termination fee up to $500 by your old contractor.