Basement Reno Plus offers Homeowners a way to pay off their Mortgage early by creating a basement apartment

Basement Reno Plus, a Toronto-based boutique renovation company, announced today it’s special program for Homeowners who want to create rental income from their properties.

June 12th2018 – For most homeowners, it can be quite a daunting task to figure out how to start a basement renovation project. At Basement Reno Plus ( these are the challenges that we love. Our key advantage is our unique ability to advise homeowners on how to proceed with their basement renovation project, making it a reality in a time and cost-effective way.

Today, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their cost of home ownership and one of the main ways to accomplish this is by taking advantage of the largest asset that is available to them – which is their own home. By adding a basement apartment in their homes, homeowners can easily turn their homes into an income producing asset. Basement Reno Plus helps homeowners to navigate the pathway of building permits, space design, construction and finishing of the basement apartment. What’s more, the professionals at Basement Reno Plus can also assist homeowners with finding a suitable tenant to occupy the newly finished apartment space.

Basement Reno Plus team works closely with homeowners advising them on the best possible layout for their legal basement apartment. By addressing this issue upfront, it becomes possible to effectively utilize the space that is unused and turn it into the best possible use, without compromising on the future value of the home. Through careful planning and design, Basement Reno Plus offers more than one option when it comes to the layout of the space. This provides homeowners with the avenue to look at the alternatives available to them before making a final decision.

Once the layout has been determined, keeping the best use in mind, Basement Reno Plus team then moves ahead to process a permit application with the building officials of the City in which the homeowner resides. Licensed building designers create the necessary architectural drawings needed to process a permit and once submitted, these professionals interact with the City planning officials and various departments to obtain their consent to begin the construction work on the property.

Once the building permit is obtained, the next step is to start the work on the home. In many cases, a separate entrance is required to the basement apartment. If this is the case, this is typically the very first part of the construction work that is started, weather permitting. The experts at Basement Reno Plus are able to create above grade entrances, below grade entrances and also create a walkout patio, if desired by the homeowner. It is essential that this entrance meets all building code requirements with proper lighting and drainage.

Interior finishing commences almost at the same time, with framing, rough plumbing, rough electrical in the fist phase. With the completion of each of these areas, an official inspector is called in from the City to inspect and verify that each stage of work is carried out to the satisfaction of the inspectors. For any reason, if the work is to be altered, such alternations or corrections are made very quickly and inspectors are usually back again the very next day to verify the work one more time. These inspections are managed by the team at Basement Reno Plus and the homeowner is kept informed at each stage.

Final finishing work begins with drywall, flooring, final plumbing, final electrical and painting. Once the work is complete, the final inspection is carried out.

Homeowners can now invite tenants to rent the space from them.

Building a basement apartment (otherwise known as a second suite) is the most effective way for a homeowner to reduce their mortgage payments by many years. Basement Reno Plus has helped many homeowners achieve their dream of paying off their mortgage much sooner than anticipated.

The team at Basement Reno Plus is well versed in other types of renovations as well, including Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation and Basement Remodeling.

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Why choose Basement Reno Plus?

In one word – Experience. With hundreds of large renovation projects completed (including kitchens and bathrooms), the team at Basement Reno Plus is capable of handling any project with dedication and passion. The company also offers material substitutions to homeowners to help them save on the costs of the renovation. With flexibility and customer satisfaction as their focus, the team at Basement Reno Plus is able to solve any problem that is faced by the homeowner.

Excellent Pricing and Customer Service

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