BlackBerry to remove all paid content from BlackBerry World App Store

BB 10 is almost on the verge of being buried with the final nail in the coffin coming in the form of an announcement that BlackBerry will remove all paid content from BlackBerry World App Store.

The announcement was made by BlackBerry Limited that said that paid software will be removed from the BlackBerry World app store on April 1. Further the company also said BlackBerry World would move to a free-only storefront from April 1 and will cease to host content, and will disable all purchasing mechanism.

BlackBerry informed all developers that those who wish to continue trading on the portal may log into the Vendor Portal and change their content to “free”.  If developers fail to do so, the content will directly be terminated from the platform.

Developers who currently have paid content in that app store have the option of switching it over to the “Free” category.

That switch from paid to free must happen by March 31; any paid content that hasn’t been converted will simply be removed altogether on the next day. Developers who only have free content on BlackBerry World don’t need to take any action, the company said.

However, BlackBerry noted that apps can still be monetised, provided the payment mechanism remains within the app itself.

In other words, monetisation of apps can take place if any payment or refund is supported by the developer itself.

Refunds for paid content on BlackBerry World will be supported till April 30, this year, BlackBerry clarified through its note.