Death after eating Synthetic marijuana in Illinois

Illinois is becoming the place where a large number of people are dying due to the consumption of synthetic marijuana. Recently a woman from central Illinois becomes the fourth person to die under its influence as announced by the officials. The woman was in her early 30s and is supposed to be addicted to taking marijuana. The name of the woman is not disclosed yet, but officials said that she belonged to the Central part of the state.

A few days back, two more people died from the same place due to the intake of synthetic marijuana. Among them, one was in his 20s and other in his 40s. Along with these two, another man in his 20s was also reported to die after consuming the same thing. As per the health officials, around 153 people in 13 countries in Illinois have gotten sick due to the intake of synthetic cannabinoids. It is presumed that the cannabinoids were laced with rat poison and this is the reason why people died. Most of the people who died due to it belong to the areas around Chicago and Peoria.

It is reported that synthetic marijuana is nothing but humanmade chemicals. They are not at all natural and comprise those chemicals which causes the same effects on the brain and body that are caused by marijuana. They act on the brains cell receptors just like the THC which is the main ingredient in the compound. All this leads to people who are addicted to marijuana splurging on it.

As per the health officials, those who took the synthetic products were hospitalized due to symptoms of bleeding in urine, blood while coughing, bleeding from nose and gums. Internal bleeding was also observed in many. All these symptoms are related to the one which comes after eating rat poison that comprises chemical compound- brodifacoum. This chemical is supposed to prevent the clotting of the blood. It is believed that this rat poison has been mixed in the synthetic marijuana which is leading people to show such symptoms and in severe cases dies.

The patients who got admitted were treated with intravenous transfusion of Vitamin K. It has the property to help with blood clotting. Vitamin K pills were also provided to the patients suffering from the same. The public is warned against taking synthetic marijuana by the officials to stop the sufferings.