First ever high-def color video of Earth, kudos to Earth-i Satellite company

What comes as a fascinating fact is that a British satellite named Earth-i has recently released a high-quality & colored video of planet Earth taken from space. The commercial satellite used for the job was VividX2 which was launched in the fiscal year of 2018 itself. For all the enthusiasts out there, you can get your hands on clips for different locations around the planet Earth. The company has claimed that their satellite is the first of its kind to offer a full-fledged and colorful video of Earth from Space. Do you know planes stationed and flying from Dubai International Airport can also be seen?

Latest Developments

The company’s CEO had mentioned in a recent report that the satellite will definitely lead to breakthrough amidst the space industry. The footage acquired has made it possible to get many fruitful and detailed insights of the Earth. The quality has taken analytics as well as observation endeavors of the planet to a whole new level. The company has released its latest video on April 16th on the eve of 34th Space Symposium.

Technical Specifications

Ultra High definition cameras are breaking the stereotypes out over there. The satellite’s camera has the ability to shoot straight 2 minutes of quality-packed footage which is ultra-high-definition in nature. Talking about the satellite, the weight of VividX2 rests at 100 kilograms and the same is 25 cubic feet in length. When it comes to orbiting the Earth, the satellite woos the planet at 505 kilometers. You’d be fascinated to know that VividX2 moves at a whopping 25,200 kilometers per hour. Indian PSLV i.e. Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle carried the VividX2 into space amidst 31 other payloads.

What makes VividX2 unique?

The United Kingdom is the leading partner of Earth-i, the country collaborated with the company for the purpose of developing, innovating and further deploying the same into space. U.K.’s Defence Science and Tech Lab provided an array of novel scientists for the job. When we talk about the abilities of the VividX2, they can be classified amidst the following:

1. The satellite can offer pixel-perfect, high-quality image with a better resolution than any other premium camera available on Earth.

2. When it comes to an ability to detect and further capture ultra high-speed objects such as vehicles, aircraft and even humans, the satellite is setting new benchmarks.

3. It has now become possible to revisit an array of locations around the globe & that too multiple times per day.


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