The Inmarsat monopoly has a breakdown by Iridium on Maritime safety communications.


A certification has been granted by the UN’s International Maritime Organization which will compel Inmarsat to lose its monopoly system. The UN has approved a certification for the Iridium communication system to impart the Global Maritime System services. This will automatically end up Inmarsat’s monopoly system which was actively running over a decade on an international level over ships.

The granting of UN’s certification has raised a communal conflict between the two service providers Inmarsat and Iridium on a large scale. Over a decade, Inmarsat was working as the sole service provider for the ships. But a new service provider Iridium communication became a fierce competitor for Inmarsat where it started seeking certification from the UN’s Maritime Organization in 2013. But initially, it was said it would take two long years to execute the entire proceedings. Then the CEO of London-based Inmarsat communication, Rupert Pearce made a counter-attack to Iridium communication service policies by quoting ‘’It Would Put Lives at