The Science Projects to take place in space

Which are new projects that will commence in space? We are about to unveil that. Their purpose is to improve Earth’s efficiency as well as sustainability of cotton farming. After the competition by the name Cotton Sustainability Challenge (CSC), the results are finally out. The Center for Advancement of Science in Space declared the results of the three best ones. They will take place at the International Space Station (ISS). The announcement was on Tuesday, 24th April 2018.

What is next for the winning projects? Each of them will have access to an in-orbit. That way, the team can have access to the ISS National Laboratory. There will also be a hardware-implementation assistance. On top of that, every project will receive a grant funding of $1 million. Target Corp will facilitate that.

There is one by Upstream which is a corporation based in California. It is relying on a machine learning platform that is not only custom-made but also scalable. Its purpose is to monitor as well as analyze in actual time sensory imagery from ISS about cotton farming. Consequently, the organization will expand its platform. It goes by the name Best Management Practice and Real-Time Monitoring. With the implementation of the same, there will be a reduction of the area covered by water during the manufacturing supply chain of the Target.

Up next is the one which has a leader by the name Christopher Saski. He works at the Genomics and Computational Biology Laboratory as the director. It is at Clemson University, South Carolina. The project involves using the genetic sequencing technique. It will assist in examining not only the gene expression but also many other aspects. The target will be the cultivation of cotton where there is no gravity. According to Saski, it would assist in cotton agriculture using relatively few resources.

The other one is about the root system. It is based on a concept of Simon Gilroy. Simon is a botany professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The concept is about the AVP1 gene. Researchers think that it is capable of making larger root system. If that would become possible, there are higher chances that cotton will produce more. That is regardless of harsh conditions such as drought and high salt levels.

These projects would be the solution to cotton farming problems. Chances of trouble because of the climate change are high. That is as a result of the overreliance of cotton on water among other natural resources. Therefore, their success would prevent a disaster. All the best to the researchers.

Cotton Experiments will reach ISS