A Guide to Boosting Sales in a Beauty Clinic

Almost every type of high street industry is facing heavy competition right now and none more-so than the sheer volume of beauty clinics that are out there on the street right now. Some shops or services cannot go online, beauty clinics being one of them, so it is important that hard work and creativity are applied to ensure the success. My best friend Rachel began her own beauty clinic last year, hoping to one day reach the successful levels of my clinic Sono Bello here in San Antonio . I have been stunned by Rachel’s first year success in such a heavily competitive industry, and I wanted to share how she has managed to achieve such results. 

Online Presence

Rachel instantly took to the internet to promote her business, she encouraged her first clients to review the business and add helpful or critical comments which they had, on the likes of Yelp and Google. What made this great were that she didn’t encourage customers to amp up their reviews, but rather just give honest reviews of the experience, in exchange for a 10% off coupon. As well as having her own website and featuring on review sites, Rachel also invested a lot of time in social media pages for the business, where she regularly shares treatments, offers and promotions. 

Promotional Marketing 

A masterstroke which Rachel made was to get the ball rolling in the business by taking some small losses in order to get people in the door. She always had the confidence that once a new customer and tried her treatments, that they would love the service, so she was prepared to lose a little money in order to achieve it. After placing 50 coupons on a coupon site, for 50% off any treatment, there was a rush of appointments. After these appointments, Rachel had to sit and wait to see if any of the new clients would come back, and after just a few weeks the same clients were flooding back, only this time bringing a friend. 


Aside from the marketing and the online work, I have little doubt that Rachel’s success is down to the level of excellence which her clinic provides, in all aspects. Many people seem to forget the bread and butter of running a business, and the details which are required to make it a success. Rachel is a sight to behold when she s working, taking care of every small detail, ensuring that everything is as it should be, and spending a great amount of time with her staff, to make sure that they share the same vision and the same level of high standards as she does. 

Rachel has so far had an incredible year and what is most impressive about her is that she is already anticipating the year ahead, how she can grow the business and reach even further to make it a success.