App discovering how stoned or buzzed you are

“Am I Stoned” is the new app made especially for the marijuana users to known how much stoned they are. It is a prototype app and challenges the marijuana users where they had to complete a series of tasks. These tasks are based on the memory, cognitive speed, reaction time as well as fine-motor skills.

This prototype is to help people become more aware of the effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the compound which is responsible for the psychoactive effects that come after taking marijuana as per the researchers. This could help them opting for the safer choices to consider after the intake to protect themselves from difficult and dangerous activities.

The scientists have said that as son the person intake marijuana the compound THC interacts with the brain. It stimulates the development of dopamine. All this, in turn, create a sense of euphoria. The compound actively interacts with cannabinoid receptors and gets bind to it. This region is associated with coordination, memory, and cognition as well as time perception. THC inhibits the performance of these regions and also withdraws them to function normally. The intensity of the non-functionality of the brain depends upon the amount the person has taken marijuana.

Since the app is designed to know how much the person got stoned, it was first tested on 24 marijuana users. Firstly, those who don’t take it daily were tested after consuming a pill comprising THC. They performed the tasks on their iPhones and computers just after in taking medicine, and their results were observed. The major tasks include activities of the app include the following three games:

• Tasks involving the screen tapping speed
• Memory game of tapping flower images in the correct order
• Shaking the phone in response to a blue dot appears on the screen

The reaction time of each of the task was recorded to known the efficacy of the person after taking the THC pill. The desktop interface has been seen detecting the impairment successfully.
Although the app is designed to perfection, if the person has got fluency in these tasks beforehand could finish them even after the effect of THC to some extent. Repetition and practice could make them accurate and precise in completing these tasks without showing any effect of marijuana intake.

However, improvements are still under the progress to implement in the app and make it more useful and usable.