Charter communications, a thorough analysis of Services from Spectrum Enterprises and Charter’s leading trends

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Charter Telecommunications is one of the biggest cable companies in the US. The company has achieved growth through the innovation and acquisition of the possessions of cable. Since 1993, Charter Communications have grown to a massive level but its roots is still attached to the early days of cable. Charter has invested over a billion dollars for improving the infrastructure of its company in 2017. Charter’s stock remains up about 17% over the past 12 months; this shows users attracting on great number towards the company and its services.

In coming years the Charter communications’ spectrum enterprise is willing to invest $1billion in the building of fiber optics. It is going to happen because the company wants to beef up the density of the national fiber unit. Mainly the expansion is going to take place in the existing national footprint of spectrum enterprises. As per the report, the number of connection is going to expand with nearly 200,000 fiber-lit buildings. The vice president of Spectrum Phil Meeks said: “As fiber connectivity is vital to economic growth, we are focused on making our fiber infrastructure more accessible to the clients and reshaping their experience to align with the evolving realities of today’s modern enterprise.” In another sentence, Phil Meeks added “Advance video and virtual reality solutions, cloud, IoT, and the future of 5g all depends on a reliable and highly dense fiber system. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients have the most robust fiber network and solutions to grow today and take advantage of future technologies that have enormous demands on bandwidth”. 

Spectrum’s name has emerged from the year 2016 and has ever since progressing and attracting thousands of new users’ every day throughout the USA. Spectrum is the name put forward by another massive corporation known as Charter telecommunications. The primary focus of Spectrum is to provide reliability, consistency, superiority regarding the services. Spectrum delivers a wide range of services to the user. With over 26 million users Spectrum is rocking the world of cable services. Spectrum Charter delivers a vast range of Voice, Internet, and TV services to both business and residential customers.

 Following are the services of Spectrum:

  • Spectrum internet:

Believe it or not, but the Spectrum is providing the fastest internet service among all the other internet service providers. For most of the cities, Spectrum offers a starting speed of 60MBps. The starting speed in some states is 100Mbps too. Through Spectrum Internet service users can download, stream, and play online games all at the same times. Once you subscribe to the internet service, you will get free Wi-Fi modem. The Wi-Fi modem is very efficient because it can connect more than 15 devices without sacrificing the performance. The best thing about Internet service by charter is that it is unlimited with no data caps. Users can access as much internet as you want yet you will only be paying a standard fee each month. 

  • Spectrum TV

Get the best HD experience in lesser rate with Spectrum TV service. It also offers hundreds of On Demand content that you can watch on your Mobile, tablet or laptop even when you are not at home. The company provides hundreds of live TV channels to the users which are also accessible in the Spectrum TV App.

  • Spectrum Voice:

Another tremendous yet fully featured service of Charter is digital Phone that provides unlimited calls to local and long distance area. Unique features like call forwarding, Caller ID, and call waiting, etc. are all part of the Spectrum Voice service.

  • Spectrum Enterprise:

Charter is providing a significant bandwidth of the Internet that is enough to support the business of people. The primary focus of Spectrum Enterprise is to build the business-to-business and People-to-people interactions. This category has everything that requires the acceleration in a business. High-quality broadband, top Phone service and HD TV are the services that will help you in achieving your business goals.