China launching the first spacecraft for Chang 4’s lunar mission


Queqiao Communication Relay Satellite which is being built in China is undergoing last round of its preparation before it can take off. China is very hopeful with its Chang’e four mission, and this spacecraft is the first of its kind. This spacecraft will land on the far side of the moon in the later part of 2018.

Liftoff is scheduled to be made on Sunday, i.e., May 20, 2018, around 5 pm EDT. This spacecraft will take the help of a Long March 4C rocket that will be launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center which is located in China’s Sichuan province. Along with it, two smaller radio astronomy satellites will also be going to space. The two satellites are known as DSLWP-A1 and DSLWP-A2.

Initially, the mission was decided to take off in June 2018. However, China did not reveal the reasons for this early launch of the aircraft. Also, Beijing is not at all ready to disclose any