DNK Power Presents their Newest Case Study on Battery Packs 

One of the differentiating factors of DNK Power when compared to their competitors is their innovative creations and solutions. Recently they presented a case study based on a customer inquiry that they gave an extremely resourceful solution. The client placed a large 5000 pieces order for a 5v input device. Their special request was to make sure that the right connection is included in the power banks since the devices had 3 pin inputs. However, the customer seemed to be unclear on whether they required a battery pack or a power bank which are essentially two different things. 

The Challenge

Once the client confirmed that their requirement is indeed a battery pack, the next problem that occurred was that there was no Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which has the ability to carry the power requirement of 5v and 12A required by the client. Being the innovative and resourceful team they are, DNK Power managed to offer a few other options to accommodate the requirements, but the price point that the client was suggesting was close to 1/3 of the price which the said 18650 Battery Pack is usually sold. 

Since the customer’s requirements cannot be met with the quality IC imported from the USA which is used for manufacturing the needed battery packs, DNK Power decides to accommodate the budget of the client and go for a more affordable alternative of IC Made in China after disclosing the process to the eager client. 

Then, in order to do a safety and functioning test to the custom product that they are creating just for the client, they request a picture of the exact mobile spammer that they are using the battery pack with. Here they face an unexpected issue at the Chinese Customs. At this point, the customer seems to get impatient since their requirement is urgent, despite the delays and issues that occurred from the customer’s end.

Delivering Solutions 

In order to create a quick sample for the customer to confirm going ahead with the full manufacturing process, they use a simple plastic case bought from the market to build a working model of the battery sample, which is not aesthetically pleasing in any way but is well functioning. The client is impressed with the efficiency and the way in which the sample matched the devices they were hoping to use the battery pack with. 

However, both the parties are still not on the same page about the prices of the final product. After several rounds of bargaining, they finally come to an agreement, and the company sends the second demo sample of the product for approval. After the approval, the production starts, and the order is manufactured and delivered successfully. 


The initial purpose of this case study was to observe how the company always approached the challenge with a solution in hand. It was not merely pointing out problems, but suggesting solutions and moving forward from all the issues that occurred. Following are the factors considered in deciding the best lithium battery pack for any device. 

  • Capacity
  • Port
  • Plug
  • Size and the Weight 
  • Price 

During this case used for the study, each and every factor mentioned above came with an issue. Initially, the customer did not have a proper idea of the capacity since they merely focused on getting the cheapest product with the best specifications. 

However, later on, they demanded a 4 hour charging time which did not match with their prices and the capacity that can be delivered for that price. The capacity was something that they could not compromise on, therefore the company made sure to use a more affordable IC for the product after consulting with the customer. Here again, it was about bringing a solution to the table rather than merely going back and forth with the problems. 

Secondly, the port. To the 3 pins female port that they requested along with the 5v and 12A power, the available materials the company were no compatible. Hence the company quickly bought the needed materials to make a custom product, and even though the first demo sample was not attractive to look at, the client was truly impressed with the performance and the advice to go ahead with the manufacturing process. The most important insight to be taken from this stage of the case was that as long as you are delivering great performance, the appearance of the samples does not play a great part in the decision-making process of the client. 

The final issue that occurred was the price, which took a few rounds of negotiating with the capacity and the finish of the product, which successfully ended with both the parties agreeing to a set outcome. Even though the demo samples did not look attractive, the final finish of the product was in a great mold, and nicely compact. 

Despite what issues and problems occurred in the ordering and decision-making process, as a company that is focused on delivering the best products, the final product shipped to the customer always comes with a great finish and exceeding the expectations of the customers. 

The company aspires to create long-term working relationships with all the clients who keep the trust on the company with their battery pack and power bank needs, rather than delivering one time solutions. 

About Us 

DNK Power is a Hong Kong based Battery manufacturer which specializes in green and safe power solutions. Launched back in 2007, the company has been operating for over a decade providing consistently good quality products and services for their dedicated clientele. They have multiple partners both locally and internationally. 

The flagship products they manufacture mainly are the Lithium Ion Polymer batteries (lipo), Lithium-Ion Batteries (Li-ion), 18650 Batteries and the LifePo4 Battery that was newly introduced to the market. During the decade that they have been in the market, DNK Power has always been known for their safe lithium battery technology and the overall sustainable approach to manufacturing. 

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