Elon Musk plans to prepare Hyperloop

The plan to develop highly fast tube transportation has been in the making for over 100 years till now. However, the planning has started to get a real picture from the year of 2012 at the time when the owner of Tesla as well Space Mr. Elon Musk started to call the project as Hyperloop. It is actually a very high-speed, cost-effective and energy efficient system in which pods are pushed through more of an airless tube. Elon Musk bought out an article in the year of 2013 which described how the technology would be used in an effective manner. But he did not want to work on the project himself. Rather he outsourced the project so that others could get an opportunity to deal with the project and advance further. In order to make the project far more interesting and existing and also to further develop the pod prototypes, his company started to host the Hyperloop Pod Competition.

Washington Hyperloop, which is UW team of students have started to prepare themselves so that they can compete with the students or other applicants around the world. This is for the third time that these students are appearing for this completion. The main issue for this competition is Speed. As per the co-director of Washington Hyperloop, SpaceX will award those who will go the fastest without crashing.

In order to be eligible to participate teams are required to participate in two design evaluations. Wahington hyperloop submitted such designs very effectively. One of such design was shown in December. The next one was submitted in January. These designs submitted also showcased their plans for the purpose of testing the pod. In the current year, SpaceX shortlisted 20 teams out of the 47 design teams that appeared for the competition.

Last year the UW team had showcased electric propulsion system. This year they are dealing with cold gas thruster system. This project involves two numbers of tanks involving compressed nitrogen on the back of the pod and thereafter ejecting the gas so as to move the pod forward. Apart from speed the teams are very much required to concentrate on the safety aspect also. Thus it is very important for the teams to ensure that adequate safety precautions are adhered to. Thus they are asked to undergo extensive safety measures in Hawthorne. According to sources, the company itself has a large checklist to ensure that all the safety precautions have been met before allowing teams to participate.