Mars and its Curiosity


The red planet often gathers news and attention. Nasa just wrote a fantastic reply to NTS’s funky email about offering them free parking on NASA. The space mission Curiosity has raised everybody’s curiosity since the day it left planet earth and reached Mars. Space exploration has reached a level where there is no more looking back. This Thursday on June 07, 2018 NASA will discuss the achievements and progress of the mission in a press conference. 

Probably, NASA wishes to reveal a discovery, that’s why for announcing the news publically a proper channel has been chosen. Curiosity has taken a selfie in February 2018 while it was hovering upon Vera Rubin Ridge, a place on Mars.

During the live discussion, NASA will unveil what is being kept a secret. At 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT) this Thursday you can watch the live broadcast of this press release on (courtesy NASA TV). However, NASA has revealed the list of scientists