NASA nominated for Webby Awards

We are all aware the quantum of work that is undertaken at NASA for the safety and the security of the world. Not only it aims to improve the communication technology of the world but also helps to secure our Earth from any sort of mishap or danger that comes its way. It is this hard work of the NASA officials that have resulted in reaping fruits for them. Recently NASA has been nominated for six crucial Webby awards for its outstanding work in the field of digital communication. It is considered to be one of the glorious moments in the circle of online communications. NASA has left no stones unturned to ensure its vast research with regards to the information on the solar eclipse. Not only has it gained popularity for its outstanding effort in this field but it’s one of the popular planetary projects has made a great impact on the Space Industry. All these valuable efforts have made the year 2017 very memorable for them.

The nomination awards in details

Let us now go through all the six nomination awards that have been bestowed upon NASA.

  • To start off with their valuable effort in the search of life beyond our solar system has made them very popular. The mission of exoplanet exploration has been one of the most vital contributions that NASA has made off late.
  • It has given considerable time in finding the reasons for different impacts that greenhouse gas emissions would have on the society as a whole. Particularly the effect of methane gas which is one of the most vital components have been creating havoc for the environment.
  • NASA has also looked into the matter of improving the communication aspect from the view of the government as well. It has contributed a lot to improving the government-run website and also made significant contributions in the area of civil sciences.
  • It has also dealt with the marketing aspect of the government along with dealing with various confidential data and have assured of data security.
  • NASA has a team of passionate officials who are always devoting their valuable time for innovating something that might help for national security and also for the development of the world as a whole.
  • NASA has also developed a blog known as JPL. It is social media platform through which NASA has been educating people about the various developments that are taking place in the field of Space Industry.