New therapy for Prostate

The non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate which is one of the common problems among the old aged people has got a new treatment as reported by the NHS. The treatment is feasible enough to be used by anyone who is suffering from the ailment.

The prostate gland is the most critical part of the men’s body that governs the reproductive system. An enlarged prostate termed medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia if left untreated leads to losing the control over holding the bladder and the person needs to go to the toilet more often to pass the urine.

The treatment is termed as prostate artery embolization and is highly effective to fight against the problem aptly. It makes use of tiny synthetic beads which blocks the blood supply to the prostate. This, in turn, causes the tissues which are associated with the problem to shrink and die. As per the health officials “ there s good evidence that the non-invasive treatment works and gives a fruitful result.” It could help escaping the invasive surgeries and the side effects incurred due to them. One of the side effects is impotence which occurs after getting the invasive surgery can be eliminated with this treatment.

As per the study, around 50 percent of men undergo the problem of an enlarged prostate which causes a lot of difficulties while passing the urine. Surgery and drugs were the only solutions for getting rid of the problem of an enlarged prostate, but with the advent of prostate artery embolization, one can prevent undergoing surgical treatments for the same.

In the methodology, PAE can be done under the influence of local anesthesia. The patient does not require to remain in the hospital for days and can go home shortly with few instructions. On the contrary, in the conventional prostate surgery, the patient needs to remain hospitalized for many days until complete healing is obtained. The doctors pass a small tube into an artery in the groin. It guides the doctor to work on the small blood vessels of the prostate.

As per the report, a large number of hospitals in the UK have already adopted the technique for treating the enlargement of the prostate in their patients. It has changed the life of people entirely.

This treatment is best for those who are not looking for getting a surgical operation in the old age. Also, those who are looking for an option of maintaining the sexual functionality and fertility while getting the treatment can opt for prostate artery embolization.