SpaceX To Build Big Falcon Rocket Factory In Southern California

SpaceX has exciting plans of building a massive big rocket factory spaceship and boosters in the cavernous factory located in Los Angeles at the port their officials have announced it this week.

Garcetti said that then big falcon rocket will be able to hold the promise of taking astronaut deeper in of the cosmos than ever. Since 2015 port officials together with the SpaceX held a discussion about the aerospace company to be able to use 19- acre waterfront parcel at the harbor. The two parties were negotiated about the lease last month. Moreover, this SpaceX rocket will be huge because the tower will be 106 meter tall and span of 9 meters at the diameter and this is the information given by the company founder Elon Musk. He added by saying that this big falcon rocket will be reusable and will come in two pieces.

The big falcon rocket contains a booster stage which has 31 methane-fueled raptor engine which will be able to produce 12 million pounds of thrust. At the upper stage, it is able to double as an interplanetary transporter, where it will carry, and the huge propellant tank that will be refilled in the space, satellites, supplies, and people. SpaceX wants a place with the access to water this is because the big falcon rocket is too big to be transported by a truck. The company is also planning to move it’s Falcon 9 and falcon heavy boosters. The companies plan is that they will be using a barge that will pick up the big falcon rocket booster together with the upper space to take them to the test sites and the area of the launch pad.

The design of the huge vehicle is still in the early stages and soon space X design will be having a mega-launcher over 2016 and 2017, then they will be ending up with even small rockets than the ones Musk designed. McHugh said that they might not be sure of what they are constructing but it will be huge in a way that it can’t be tracked and thus why they have to take enough space that is near water where they will be sure of producing their product there.

A land at the port of Los Angeles has already been leased by space X and this company will be acting as a base of recovery fleet which is able to deploy into the Pacific Ocean.


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