The Winner of the Contract of the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System; Orolia Atomic Clocks


There has been a recent announcement by Orolia. It is regarding the winning of the contract of developing the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). That does not come as a surprise. That is because it is a formidable company when it comes to such matters. In addition to that, it was a Platinum Award Winner in 2017. That was during the year’s ASTORS Homeland Security Awards Program. That means that it is worth the contract worth 26 million Euros. What is so important about the task that it costs that much? What will it be all about and what are the results? Keep reading to understand.

What is the concern of the project? It will be about the provision of a timing solution. It should be not only stable but also accurate. Once it is over, every satellite will have to carry several items. They include two Rubidium atomic clocks as well as two passive Hydrogen Masers. The importance