There is hope of getting even closer to the sun: The two missions


There are two upcoming missions. They aim to provide a relatively great view of the sun. As much as other missions have been about it, there has never been any other similar one. How? The distance between the spacecraft and the sun will be shorter than ever before. Therefore, the view will be more precise. It is the one hope of seeing how the sun looks like better. What are these gigantic missions? How will the airships stand the heat of the sun? Read on to get the answers and additional details.

The first one will take place in 2018. This summer there will be the launch of the Parker Solar by NASA. The other one will occur in 2020. That one will be the Solar Orbiter of the European Space Agency. The two have one purpose. It is gathering sun’s data while in proximity.

According to Eric Christian, the two will use different technologies. Nevertheless, they will complement each