XCOR Assets to Be Used To Educate Young Minds about Rockets and Space

XCOR Aerospace is an innovative space company that went bankrupt last year. The company had an ambitious plan to take people for a visit to space through the Lynx suborbital vehicle which is a fully reusable and developed by the company. But as the situation changed, the company will be using its assets to educate young minds and give them an experience with space technology and rockets.

The assets of XCOR was purchased by a nonprofit organization known as “Build A Plane” for less than $1.1 million. This organization is planning to use the assets for a new school they are going to build in California. The idea is to create an interest in space in students and provide them with necessary learning facilities about rocketry and aerospace. This would only be possible if they could manage to get a stellar faculty. One of the coolest things is that the school will be located beside a functioning aerospace company which would open more doors for students to explore and learn. The partner for this big project is a Lancaster-based fabrication company called the Sage Cheshire Aerospace.

This can be said as “Build A Plane’s” first foray into space. For the past years, the company was concentrating on making companies to donate aircraft for students, to have a real experience with its building, refurbishing and repairing. The organization has managed to place about 300 aircraft in different aviation clubs and schools.

It is just a year ago that Build A Plane planned to expand its work with Build A Rocket on the approach of an anonymous donor. This offer encouraged them to get their feet a little more wet into rocketry and aerospace. After a lot of discussions, they came up with 2 projects. Apart from the school, the Build A Plane organization started developing kits with 5.5-meter rockets which have the capability to reach heights of 9,144 meters. These will be distributed to schools in the coming months. It is then the bankruptcy of XCOR came up.

Now the organization has 300 percent more of space-related stuff. It is sad to see Jeff’s dream go down as a lot of hard work and time has been spent on the project. But at the same time, it is an opportunity for the coming generations to learn with the help of real space equipment of the latest technology.


Bankrupt Spaceflight Company to help young minds

Bankrupt Spaceflight Company’s Asset Will Be Given to Help Young Minds Soar