Asteroids Surface Mystery Cracked by NEOWISE Spacecraft of NASA


The NEOWISE spacecraft by NASA is specially designed to study the asteroids. It collected data from over 100 such asteroids near to earth. 

Earlier known by the name WISE mission or the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission, the spacecraft was built for infrared imaging of the sky. It was done with the purpose of studying the various heavenly bodies in the sky. Launched in December 2009, the spacecraft completed two years of its mission and went dormant for another two years. In 2013, it was renamed as Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer with a new mission. Now its mission includes identifying and analysing the near earth objects. 

The NEOWISE spacecraft has thermal sensors which help it to make infrared observations. It is currently analysing asteroids in the asteroid belt for their surface characteristics, size, orbit etc. In a recent announcement by NASA, the spacecraft is set to collect data from 100 such asteroids in the asteroid belt.