Galileo Space row in a mess

The debate over access of UK to the Galileo project has turned out to be a complete mess. The Galileo Project is one of the prestigious European satellite global positioning systems which are applicable for both the civil as well as the military fields. Experts feel that this row is merely a demonstration of the myriad small print issues that need to be addressed if the UK exists from the European Union.

The UK Space Agency has just released a report in which it has laid down the position of its Government. In the story, it is mentioned that the UK wants to maintain its position in respect of the Galileo project. It also requires all the access to the classified data derived from the satellite system which is mainly needed for security and defense. The UK government has said that such access would be helpful for both UK and EU and it would have no relevance concerning the previous agreements decided upon. The UK has further told if any proper arrangement cannot be made, it will think of some other options and if also ask for the refund of 12% of the project cost that the UK has invested towards this Galileo project.

For EU, the situation is pretty clear where it had stated earlier that those countries which will not be a part of EU would have no access to the secure data of Galileo project. Then how come the UK can be an exception to the Brexit issue. According to an EU expert, the situation is similar to be a selfish nation, and that UK now wants to retain everything that it had offered for the Galileo project.

In a newspaper which was published in March, the House of Commons committee responsible for looking after science and technology issues hit back at the government for its lethargic attitude for the complication which has come up involving different EU related scientific projects in which the UK had participated.

The UK government has pointed out the fact that they had devoted a lot of time and effort in developing this project and that they are very good at space-related activities. So they should be given equal importance for the Galileo project as before.

Another project which has kept the UK in a dilemma is the EU’s Copernicus satellite network whose primary objective is to find out environmental situations such as sudden climatic changes, natural disasters and so on.