Top Free Resources for GED Test Prep

It is a fact that you do not have to dent a hole in your pocket to access top resources for your GED exam. There are many free resources that you can use during the preparation for your examination. Interestingly, all these resource materials are at your fingertips. In other words, they are just one click away. All you need is a PC or an Internet enabled mobile device, and of course the Internet connection. When checking for resource materials for the GED exam prep online, it is important that you know what you are looking for. There is no denying the fact that there are amazing quality resource materials online that will go a long way to prepare you for your test. However, it is also a known fact that there are many irrelevant materials online that may disrupt your preparation. It is therefore important that you are able to decipher relevant resource materials from junks. You do not have to worry though; we understand that it can be a bit difficult trying to sift through hundreds of resource materials to get relevant ones. In this article, we have outlined some top resources that will greatly help you in your GED test prep. The icing on the cake is that they are free and you can access them anywhere and anytime. 

Free Resources for GED Test Prep

  1. Official Practice Tests by GED Testing Service
  1. There are basically two types of the GED practice tests offered by the GED Testing Service. There is the totally free option which is available to every test takers. The second type of the practice test is free for a good number of people but some other people would be required to pay a token to access them. The totally free practice test type is available on the Free Practice Test section of the official website of GED. On this page, you will find different abridged versions of the four different tests subjects of GED. These abridged versions of the tests are planned to be a quarter of the full length of the actual exam. They cover some crucial contents of the test as well as the skills required. They also show the numerous question formats that will be used during the examination. This practice test versions are available in the Spanish and English languages. The exam can be taken online, directly on your browser. You can also opt to download the practice tests and go through them at your convenient time. At the end of the practice test, you will be shown the correct answers but you will not be able to see your scores.
  1. The GED Official Practice Test is the other official option which is a fuller and more comprehensive version of the GED test. This version of the practice test is half the length of the actual GED exam. Using this exam enables you to have access to your score, as well as a comprehensive feedback on your performance. You also have access to a customized study plan that is designed based on your personal performance during the practice test. This version also enables you to know your ‘Ready Status’ for the GED exam. It will indicate if you are likely to excel in the real examination based on your performance during the practice test. The exam is computer-based, so you can conveniently take it at home or from the comfort of anywhere you choose.
  1. It is important to mention that the GED Ready Practice Test is not totally free. You will be required to pay a token of $24 to access the material from GED Marketplace. This cost covers all the four different subjects you will be tested on during the exam. You can also opt to purchase individual subjects at a cost of $6 per subject. For individuals who registered for the GED class locally, they can get a free voucher to purchase the GED Ready Practice Exam. If you have already enrolled in a local class and are yet to get your free voucher, you might want to ask your instructor about it. There are also some promos offered by the GED Testing Service where the students can get discounted or free GED Ready Practice exam if they enroll for the actual test. To learn more about this, try checking the promo page of the site.
  1. Other Free Practice Tests for GED

In addition to the official resource materials offered for the GED test prep, there are other major publishers of the GED prep books like Prepaway that offer practice tests at the back of their prep books. You can access numerous practice questions on the review guide which will help you in your exam preparation. To know the recommended books by the GED Testing Service, you need to check the list of certified publishers that fully aligned with the GED policy and curriculum. You do not need to purchase these books if you do not want to. You can access them for free at your local library. Many local libraries offer Prepaway test prep books as part of their library books. When choosing a guide, ensure that you get its latest version or at least the one published around 2014 so as to be sure that you are accessing current version of the GED exam information.

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There are numerous materials that are available to help you pass your GED test easily but you need to focus on what is most relevant to your success. The above-mentioned resource materials will definitely help you in getting ahead of your preparation. In case you are looking for more review materials on GED to help with your preparation, you can check out Quizlet and Khan Academy. Quizlet offers a great way to use and make flash cards. You can access this resource tool on your browser or you can download the mobile app. It can be used to create your customized flashcards or you can browse through already developed GED flashcard to use for your study. Khan Academy offers a great and free platform to access free video and tutorial lessons related to all GED subjects.