NASA’s Opportunity rover knocked out because of the massive dust storm at Mars


A massive dust storm which had hit Mars recently has knocked out Opportunity. On Wednesday some officials said they expect that rover will be able to survive this storm. The dust storm had already covered a significant portion of Mars which is almost its one quarter. It can take weeks or months for the sky to get clear. Till then it is difficult to recharge Opportunity’s batteries as enough sunlight cannot reach to the Martian surface. Opportunity recharges its batteries by making use of its solar panels.

Opportunity is among the oldest rover on Mars, and it has stopped working because of the massive storm.

Project manager of Opportunity at NASA said that this storm might have its harmful effects and we have no idea for how much time more it will last. Also, it is not clear how the environment will be like after it clears.

On Tuesday late night, some flight controllers attempted to contact with Opportunity, however, unfortunately, they didn’t receive any response.